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Who Killed Sarah?
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Prosecutors claim that Penny took Sarah 1.3 miles up West Mineral Point Road from Jake's Bar, one of the places where they stopped on the night of March 14, 1994, lured Sarah into the woods to pee, and shot her in the back of the head.

Penny says she dropped Sarah off at the 3054 Club on East Washington Avenue, where Sarah followed a short cut they had taken countless times, to her best friend Glenda Johnson's apartment.  Penny last saw Sarah talking to a "petite" man in a leather jacket 24 miles from where Sarah's body was found.  That man, a felon with a history of violence toward women, lived less than 2 blocks away.  His most recent ex-girlfriend lived along West Mineral Point Road, about a mile beyond Jake's Bar.

The state contended that Penny's claim was untrue because no one would let a friend off to walk such a long distance.  The area has changed dramatically over the years.  The 3054 Club and Gerhardt's Sporting Goods are gone; even the Taco Bell was torn down and a new one built on the same corner.  It is difficult even for someone familiar with the area to picture it in 1994.

East Washington and North Oak, 2012
East Washington Avenue at North Oak Street, Madison, Wisconsin, 2012

In fact, it was a short half-block across parking lots, starting from the 3054 Club and through an alley next to Gerhardt's Sporting Goods.

3054 Club parking lot looking toward alley

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This website gives an overview.  For details on how this happened, who is served by keeping John in prison, and what can be done to right this wrong, read Who Killed Sarah, FREE to download in pdf format.  Click the cover and save to your device.  Read in Adobe Acrobat, most browsers.

Who Killed Sarah
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This is a closer view of the alley shortcut.  A fence was installed in 1997 to discourage pedestrian use.  The blue building in the background is the 3054 Club.
Alley short cut

This was the view to the left (south) when exiting the alley short cut -- the rear of the Taco Bell restaurant and its back parking lot.
end of alley, back of Taco Bell

Almost there.  This is the view to the right (north) when exiting the alley short cut.  Members of the Outlaws motorcycle gang had their motor home parked under the Gerhardt's sign. The back door of Glenda's duplex apartment is just a few yards away, behind the white shed.